ADD your patterns to Ravelry


This listing allows Tzigns to add the patterns you purchased, within this same order, to be gifted to you via Ravelry!

**IMPORTANT** You must add your Ravelry name in the checkout notes. If we do not have your Ravelry name we will not be able to gift the patterns via Ravelry.

How it works – Any Tzigns patterns purchased with the same order as this “add-on”, will be gifted via Ravelry. You will retrieve the pattern(s) from your Ravelry inbox – look for the envelope when your logged into Ravelry.

Past purchases – If you would like Tzigns to do this for past purchases, simply add your past order # to the checkout notes along with your Ravelry name.

Time frame – Please allow 1-3 business days for the pattern to be gifted (M-F & excludes Holidays). If you do not receive your pattern in your Ravelry inbox within the allotted timeframe, please email me!

Email me if you have any questions –

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

The $1.00 fee covers the time it takes for this process – thank you!